PDXRUST is short for: Portland ReUse for Societal Transformation

PDXRUST is a curated speaker event designed to inspire.

Speakers are recruited to complement and enrich the host event. RUST seamlessly blends with festivals, conferences, and gathering where innovation and community are primary themes.

PDX RUST is a project of the Reclamation Administration.

  • Three speakers present for 15 minutes each on their reuse passions.
  • Locations change and anyone can host as long as there is capacity.
  • Food is a must, potlucks are welcome.
The events are coordinated and publicized on PDX RUST, and the Reclamation Administration.
  • There is a negotiable fee of $250 for the coordination and publicizing of RUST events.
To Present at PDX RUST Do you have a reuse passion you want to tell the world about? Can you do it in 15 minutes or less? Sign up and we will match you with a host site.
To Host at PDX RUST – Expose yourself and your customers to the creativity that abounds in Portland! Sign up to host up to three speakers and open your world to new ideas, innovation, talent, and community connections.
Originally started as a Sister Festival to the Building Material Reuse Association’s Decon + Reuse ’17 Conference in Portland, Oregon. Celebrating with a week of ongoing events on local reuse innovation, creativity, and inspiration.