Ophir El-Boher – Presenting at ReUse-Aplooza at the Oregon Public House June 10th

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PDX RUST Speaker Ophir El-Boher at

ReUse-Aplooza at the Oregon Public House June 10th

Ophir El-Boher is an apparel designer focused on the ecological, cultural and social aspects of fashion.

Through her academic research she is exploring ways to create ethical and sustainable models for clothing production. Through her studio practice, Ophir is investigating the meaning of wearable objects, using a variety of crafts and value creation.

Inspired by natural and cultural systems, Ophir is using the platform of fashion design to address phenomenon of contemporary issues such as natural resource degradation, hyper-consumerism and gender equity.

She brings diverse cultural experiences and disciplines to her practice, focusing on questioning and retelling cultural narratives.

By actively employing collaboration and communication, Ophir aims to lead a change- rethinking and recreating the ways in which clothing are consumed, used and disposed. She believes that, if done correctly, fashion can inspire and lead to positive change.

Through writing, public speaking and activism Ophir promote cultural and behavioral shifts around fashion consumption, providing knowledge, tools and methods for creative alternatives to satisfy materialistics needs and desires.

Ophir holds a B.Ed. in Interdisciplinary Design and Secondary Education from Kibbutzim College, Tel-Aviv, and is currently an MFA candidate in Collaborative Design at Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland.